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Who is already cringing? Who looks forward to the daunting task of selling their home and everything on God’s green earth that it takes to do so? We hold semi-factual conversations randomly with family or friends in the real estate biz just hoping they drop that golden nugget stating the exact month, day and year to get the most out of a life-changing event such as selling your home. Well, you may want to sit down for this cause the time is NOW!

If you have previously been on the fence or hesitant to pull the trigger, rip the band aid because it is “go time” LA! And here are three proven reasons why…

1. Right now, the market is super competitive due to Los Angeles homes being priced so very high.

Many of real estate’s economic specialists have weighed in and the overwhelming consensus is how “overvalued” homes are in LA right now. What does this mean for you the seller? Do the math. The desire to live in this area still has the demand and you have the supply. Price appropriately. Don’t get to greedy and reap the reward.

2. You can bet your bottom dollar interest rates WILL go up!

We can’t stress enough how this is a fact on biblical proportions. It is a fact that none, thus far, have even hinted at denying. If there is anything that will fuel a buyer, it is a warning of the impending increase that will be taking place sooner than later.

3. Inventory of homes is at a low in LA

It has been quoted that “In 2017’s fourth quarter, the nationwide inventory of available homes fell by 10.5 percent, which is the steepest drop in inventory since 2013. According to Curbed LA, only 4847 homes were sold in LA County.”

Source: Corelogic

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