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When we say first-class service, we mean it! We no have the ability to cover upfront cost that contributes to increasing your homes selling price.

The Compass Concierge program is the latest in a suite of services designed to prepare your home for the market. From deep-cleaning to cosmetic improvements, we will work together to assess opportunities to elevate your home's value.

Compass Concierge will assist you with the execution of a tailored plan for updating and staging your home for prospective buyers. We will cover the upfront costs associated with home-selling improvements and collect a fee for the services rendered at the time of the property’s closing. House preparation services include staging, painting, deep cleaning, landscaping, and decluttering.

Let us dive deep. Let me show you how I will be able to increase several areas of your home in order to achieve the absolute highest dollar pricing.

How It Works:

  • Our team will develop a tailored project plan with suggested home improvements and updates to prepare your home for the market.
  • You will contract directly with home improvement service providers.
  • Compass Concierge will pay the associated cost for home improvement work performed subject to your agreements with home service providers.
  • At the closing of the property, Compass Concierge will collect a fee that covers the cost of the work performed.

Key Eligibility /Criteria & Restrictions:

  • The program is available to all sellers with an exclusive Listing Agreement with Compass. Properties that are short-sales or foreclosures are not eligible for the program. Structural or construction services will not be covered.
  • Prospective sellers interested in participating in the Compass Concierge program must review and execute the Compass Concierge Service Agreement outlining the program services.

Payment for services:

  • Invoices should be sent to your Compass Agent for payment by Compass.
  • When your property closes during the term of the Listing Agreement, Compass Concierge will issue an invoice reflecting the total cost of services rendered.
  • Payment for the program services will be collected using your preferred payment method at the earlier of

    (a) the actual closing of the property or

    (b) the one-year anniversary of your participation in the program.

  • In the event that your property does not sell or the Listing Agreement is terminated for any or no reason (including the property going off market), Compass Concierge will collect any actual costs incurred by the home improvement work performed (within 15 days).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compass Concierge Program?

The Compass Concierge program offers services exclusively to Compass clients to consult on and cover the upfront costs associated with non-structural home-selling improvements. A few examples may be staging, painting or cleaning.

What is the benefit of the Compass Concierge Program?

Compass Concierge hopes this program empowers Compass agents to win more listings and secure higher commission rates, while benefiting clients by selling homes more quickly and at a higher price. By covering the up-front costs of getting a home ready for sale, Compass is also providing a convenient way for clients to improve their homes before sale.

How can my client participate in the program?

For your client to enroll, please complete the Compass Concierge Request Form on their behalf. This form will require you to submit a summary of recommended property updates and will provide the basis for the Service Agreement approved by the Compass Concierge team. Only one form should be submitted for each Listing.

What are my obligations under the program as the Compass Listing Agent?

​​Agents who want to submit properties for participation in the Compass Concierge program will need to complete the Compass Concierge Agent Participation Agreement.

What prerequisites are required for contractors to be eligible under the program?

Contractors must meet all applicable state and local license, permit and insurance requirements. Contractors must be able to provide a W9 at the time of invoicing along with appropriate payment instructions. Additionally, contractors must meet certain insurance requirements identified in the Compass Concierge Services Agreement and complete some additional paperwork. Compass reserves the right to decline program access to certain contractors in its sole discretion.

What prerequisites are required for contractors to be eligible under the program?

Sellers interested in participating in the program must review and execute the Compass Concierge Services Agreement. Additionally, the property must be subject to an exclusive Listing Agreement with Compass. Compass recommends that your listing agreement be for a minimum of 12 months from the date the client signs the Compass Concierge services agreement (provided it is in the best interests of your client, you may want to take this opportunity to amend the original listing agreement to extend the exclusivity period). If a property is subject to a co-brokerage agreement with a Compass Agent and a non-Compass Agent, please reach out to to discuss options.

In addition, before offering this program to your clients, Compass recommends that you look into the following to determine if the property is a good candidate for the program:

  • Verify that there are no outstanding liens against the property; and
  • Confirm that the owner has sufficient equity in the property to cover the fee.


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